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Q&A about teachers--Frequently Asked Questions about Faculty/Staff E-mail Account

Frequently Asked Questions about Faculty/Staff E-mail Account

Lung-Yun Chen, Technical Specialist, Ext.-5839

1 Q: Email settings for faculty and staff.
A: As detailed in the attached information.
2 Q: Common troubleshooting instructions.
A: As detailed in the attached information.
3 Q: How can I apply for an e-mail account?
A: Please fill in the "Application Form for Faculty/Staff E-mail Account" and attach the photocopy of your ID of Chang Gung University. It takes about three working days to create a new account. Then you can access your account to check e-mails.
4 Q: What is my e-mail account and password?


1. If you log in from Webmail, the account password is the same as single sign-on.

2. If you login from Outlook or Windows Live Mail, the account ID is the part of your email address before @sign. The password is single sign-on password. For details, please refer to the "Application Form for Faculty/Staff E-mail Account".

5 Q: How do I change the password of my e-mail account?
A: First login to Single Sign-On System, enter the "personal data", then enter the "change password".
6 Q: What should I do, if I forgot the password?
A: Please follow the Single Sign-On guidelines. If you can’t come to the school for password reset, please attach your electronic files of two identity proofs by email or Fax.
7 Q: Can I use the e-mail account provided by the school after quitting the job?
A: According to e-mail usage rules, it will automatically cancel the right to use the account of staff and research assistants after six months of their effective date of departure. However, teachers have the right to use their account after leaving.
8 Q: What is the quota of my mailbox?
A: A total of 2 GB of space for each faculty/staff mailbox. Space of everyone mailbox is limited, so be sure to regularly use Outlook or Windows Live Mail to recover the letter back to your computer, in order to retain space to receive new letters and regularly clean up the trash box to save the hard disk space.
9 Q: Why did the Computer Center send me an e-mail for requesting my account and password?
A: The Computer Center will not ask the user to provide any account number/ password and other information.


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