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Q&A about students--Frequently Asked Questions about Wireless Network

Frequently Asked Questions about Wireless Network

Lung-Yun Chen, Technical Specialist, Ext.-5839

1 Q: How do I login the wireless network in school??
A: The wireless network login account is and all English letters should be in lowercase. The password is Single Sign-On password (Single Sign-On password description).
2 Q: Where can I access the local wireless network inside the school?
A: Please refer to the guidelines of wireless network.
3 Q: How to use wifi on my mobile phone?

Step 1

Switch on your phone's wireless adapter. The specific mechanism you use to do this varies, depending on your device, but always involves accessing your phone's "Settings" menu and locating the "Internet" or "Wi-Fi" option. Click on the appropriate option, then toggle it "On" to activate your wireless adapter.

Step 2

Click the "cgu-wlan" to connect and wait for the connection to be established.

Step 3

Open the web browser and connect to login page . Enter your CGU email account( and email password.

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