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Computer Classroom Arrangement Application Form

Computer Classroom Software Installation Application Form

MIS System Installation Application Form (In Campus)

News for CGU Homepage Application Form

Special Events for CGU Homepage Application Form

CGU Recruitment Information Application Form

Application of Chang Gung University Email Announcement

Application of e-mail account "Create, Modify" in CGU

Computer IP Address Application Form

Chang Gung University Academic Network Domain Name "Create, Modify, Cancel" Application Form

Web Notes & MIS Installation Application Form

Web Administrator Account Changing Application Form

ePage Layout Planning and Adjustment Application Form

Chang Gung University Computer Center Network/Server Connection application form

Single Sign-On Password Reset Application Form

Application of Temporary WiFi Account in CGU

Microsoft Campus License Software Borrowing Application Form

Computer Procurement Specification for Administrative Use

Computer Procurement Specification for Teaching

Computer Procurement Specifications for Research

Proposals for Computerized Administrative Operations

Self – Evaluation Form for benefit of Computerization

Requirement Specification for Computerized Administrative Operations

Abnormal Reaction Form for Computerized Administrative System

Hardware and Software Equipment Reflection Form for Computer Center’s Computer Classroom


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