Frequently Asked Questions about Notes

Questions about Personal ID File, Phone # Extension- 400-7006
1.How can new employees know their Notes account and password?
(1)Notes account / password can be found in the Personnel Payroll Inquiry Webpage.
(2)Or, please contact Personnel Office (Ext-5070) to apply NOTES salary password.
2.How can I apply for a Notes ID file?
(1)Please ask your colleagues to apply Notes for you. Please refer to the application procedures.
(2)After completion of online check-in, the in-charge person will inform the decision and Notes ID File to your colleague by Notes email.
3.What should I do if I forgot my password or account ID file?
(1)Please ask your colleagues to reset your Notes password.
4.To whom should I ask if there is a problem during operating the Notes system or there is displaying an error message?
A: Please access to the "Office Automation Operating Catalog" in Notes and then search for the specified operational service. You can see the name list for each OA service, and then you can contact them by phone.
5.What should I do if my Notes receives a reminder like registration of information file about software or hardware?
(1)Hardware registration: Please access to Computer Asset Registration Webpage, and then you use the CGU email account number and the single Sign-on password to complete registration. After all the information being recorded, there will be no more reminder.
(2)Software registration: According to reminder, you can access to the MIS to complete registration. If you have questions, please contact the following:
Personnel in charge of the system: Guo Xushen 400-7007
Program staff: Peiyuan 400-7542