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Frequently Asked Questions about Campus Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Kai-Wei Wu, Account officer, Ext.-5837
1.How can my device acquire campus certificated IP to access the intranet resources outside campus?
A: The faculty/staff members outside campus can obtain campus certified IP through the VPN, and browse the website inside and outside the school via the school network. For the first installation, please select the software download and installation for your PC version at the following note 1. You can refer to the CGUSSLVPN instructions below for related information. The account is the faculty/staff E-mail account (including @), and the password is a single sign-on password. If the password is forgotten, please refer to the single sign-on password instructions first to solve the password problem.
Note 1: Each version of the VPN connection software installation download
Note 2: VPN will encrypt the network connection and the software is mainly for authentication. Hence, we recommend you to disconnect the VPN connection when you have obtained the required resources. Surfing Internet via the local network may speed up your applications, compared with surfing Internet via the school VPN.
Connection instructions: