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Network Services

CGU connects to the Internet through a 3 Gbps leased line from TANet and eight 8 Mbps/640 Kbps ADSL connections from Chunghwa Telecom. In order to solve the bandwidth shortage of international connections through TANet, an additional dedicated line of 200 Mbps also connects to Taiwan Advanced Research & Education Network (TWAREN). The backbone of CGU’s campus networks is 1 Gbps, and optical fiber cables have been connected to every building within

the University.

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Email and Personal Web Service for Teacher

Each faculty, staff member and research assistant can apply for an E-mail account by filling out the "E-mail Application Form.” Once the application form is received, the E-mail account will be created within 2 working days. The E-mail quota for each user is 2 GB. The maximum size allowed for an E-mail is 100 MB. An E-mail account will be removed six months after the resignation of the user.


Email and Personal Web Service for Students

Each student is assigned an E-mail address with the format Student_Id@stmail.cgu.edu.tw. Each E-mail account has a quota of 200 MB, including E-mail and personal web pages, and is activated within the first week of their enrolment. If you have any problems accessing your E-mail, please fill out the "Repair Application Form," which can be downloaded from http://stmail.cgu.edu.tw, and then submit it to the Computer Center on the 3rd floor of the Management Building.


Dormitory Networks

1. Each student is allocated one standard RJ45 Ethernet port. The IP address for each port should be set according to the room number and the port number indicated beside the RJ45 jack.

2. Should you encounter any difficulties using the network, please contact the dorm manager and fill out a repair request form.


DNS Service

The Domain Name System (DNS) provides a translation service from user-friendly domain names to IP addresses, and vice-versa. Two DNS servers are responsible for maintaining the domain names under CGU.EDU.TW:

1. cguaplo.cgu.edu.tw (, primary DNS server

2. cguaplo2.cgu.edu.tw (, secondary DNS server


Wireless Network

The CGU campus wireless network service provides laptop users with fast and convenient access to the Internet. The wireless network is available to all faculty members, staff and students. To prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the wireless network, users will have to log in when beginning an Internet session. When users open their browsers, they will be automatically directed to an authenticated login page. In the USERNAME box, type in your email username. In the PASSWORD box, type in your email password. Click Login.


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