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About us

The Computer Center was established in 1987 when the University was founded. The Center owns six computer labs and one maintenance desk. Computer labs are open to all faculties and students of the university. The maintenance desk provides maintenance services to all personal computers at the campus. The Center also provides an advanced network environment to all faculties, staffs and students. The main functions of the Computer Center are as follows,

1. To provide integrated application systems for the administration office of the university.
2. To provide reliable campus-wide wideband network services.
3. To ensure all computer facilities of the university operate properly.
4. To provide short training courses about the modern information technologies.

In order to provide these services, the center has three divisions. They are the campus information systems division, the network systems division, and the instructional support division.


Campus Information Systems Division

The Campus Information Systems Division provides technical and consulting support for all the administrative offices on campus. Our missions are to support automation of the campus administrative system for the administrative units within the university. We help design, construct and maintain an electronic processing system that supports the administrative departments in providing more efficient and higher quality services.
We utilize the most current internet and database technology to integrate the information management systems of academic affairs, student affairs, payroll, accounting, personnel, and property management. We aim to promote the computerization of all administrative affairs of the university, and to establish a user-friendly unified administrative information system for the whole university.
We make our best efforts to provide efficient and effective administrative computing systems that integrate teaching and research by:
‧ Providing direct, electronic access to administrative services that meet the expectations of faculty, staff, and students.
‧ Transforming the University's workforce from paper processes to electronic processes.


Division of Network Systems

This division is responsible for installing, managing and maintaining the campus network infrastructure and various Internet services to enable the University to perform its academic mission.

The affairs of this division are list as follows

  1. Norms for Campus Internet Use
  2. Internet Services
    • Students dormitory network
    • Wireless network
    • E-mail, web HD, proxy, and DNS service
  3. Campus network operations
    • IP address management
    • Domain name applications


Division of Instructional Support

The Division of Instructional Support aims to provide the CGU faculty and students comprehensive services about learning environments, teaching resources, and administrative supports. In addition, the division also creates and maintains the CGU portal site and web-page of CGU Computer Center.