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Frequently Asked Questions about MIS(ERP)

Questions about applying for MIS Authority: Mr. Fu Ext: 400-6989
1.How to apply MIS authorities?
(1)Please ask your colleague to apply MIS by accessing his Notes for you. Please refer to the application procedure related to the Notes application.
(2)After your application is approved, your colleague will receive information reminder, including the decision and the preset password, by Notes email.
2.What should I do if I forgot the MIS password?
(1)Please ask your colleague to help you by accessing his Notes to fill out the "NT account application form". Please refer to the application procedures.
(2)After the application has been approved, you can use the preset password to access to the Notes.
3.To whom should I ask If there is operational problems in the MIS system or there is displaying an error message?
(1)If the items related to purchase requisition, please contact the person in-charge of each department. Please refer to the merchandise operations, including purchase introduction, case explanation, and the MIS operation procedures.
(2)Please access to the MIS and click on the specified icon. Please contact the person in-charge in pop on notice.
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