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Frequently Asked Questions about Student E-mail Account

Lung-Yun Chen, Technical Specialist, Ext.-5839
1.I am a student of Chang Gung University. What will be my email address/account?
A: The student E-mail address at Chang Gung University is student_ID@.cgu.edu.tw and the password is the Single Sign-On password. Please refer to Single Sign-On guidelines.
2.I am a student at Chang Gung University. Where do I get into the email system?
A: Chang Gung University Homepage/Webmail for student.
3.How do I change the password of my e-mail account?
A: First login to the Single Sign-On system and click the "Personal info", then click the "Change Password.
4.What should I do when I forgot the password?
A: Please follow the Single Sign-On guidelines. If you can’t come to the school for resetting password, please attach your electronic files of two identity proofs by email or Fax.
5.Is there any quota limit to my mailbox?
A: Yes! The quota of each mailbox is 50 GB.
6.Can I use Outlook Express to send/receive e-mails via the student mail server when I am outside the school?
A: Yes.
7.What should I do to automatically forward the emails in my student mailbox to my Gmail mailbox?
8.I am an alumnus. How should I do if I want to forward all the emails in my school account to my company’s email or other free mailboxs automatically?