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Frequently Asked Questions about Web MIS and Notes

Help Desk Ext.-5231
1.What should I do if the IP address is not in the domain 10.x.x.x then it is not possible to install the single-host version of MIS and Notes?
A: You can apply for Web MIS and Notes then you can use it by browser.
2.Why cannot I access to the web MIS & Notes?
A: If your account is for the first time to use, please refer to the application procedure. If your account has previously applied for the service, please refer to the guidelines of forgetting password. (Note: The login ID for the employee number (ex.d000005246), the login password for the MIS password.)
3.What should I do if I can’t access to the Web Notes?
A: Refer to the guidelines of forgetting Notes password.
4.Why is there no available resources after I login to the service?
A: You have not subscribed to the service, and each account must complete the initial application and settings before you can start using the service. Please refer to the application procedures.
5.What should I do if I want to download attachments from Notes to my computer or upload files from my computer to Notes?
A: Please refer to Q4 about how to save the file to your computer / how to upload their own computer files?
6.If an error message shows and then the process stops to proceed when I open emails in Notes, what should I do?
A: Please go to the Application System for Computer Repairment, fill out online repair orders and provide your account.