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Frequently Asked Questions about Administration Area Network

Bing-Shun Shieh, Technical Specialist, Ext.-5209
1.What should I do if the network cannot be connected?
(1)Please, check whether the IP is blocked.
(2)If it is determined that IP is locked and requires unlocking in advance, contact the responsible technician.
(3)If the IP is not locked, please fill in the repair order or ask the workers to help fill in repair orders.
2.What should I do if my computer shows the message of IP conflict?
(1)If you can access the Internet, there may be other people accidentally set the wrong IP and now it has been corrected. If you cannot access the Internet then you need to report to in-charge in Computer Center. You can also refer the MAC Address to the Computer Center staff for reference.
(2)If you cannot access the Internet, of the following units electrical, electronics, mechanical, chemical and materials, Computer Science and Information Engineering and Information Management, please contact each of Department technicians to deal with their own.
3.The webpage is showing that IP traffic is blocked because of the abnormal number of sessions, what does it mean?
A: The Session is the number of times for which your computer is connecting to other computer in 5 minutes. If Session number is more than 8000, then IP will be blocked. In general, the Session number is 40-60 while browsing a website.
4.In the webpage a message is showing that IP traffic is blocked because of traffic volume exceeding the upper limit, what should I do?
A: The total traffic of each IP upload and download is 20 GB per day (10 GB in the dormitory area). Calculation time is 00:00 to 24:00 and it starts calculation at 00:00. If the total flow is more than 20 GB then IP will block immediately. It will unlock at 24:00 and again recalculation starts from new day.