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Frequently Asked Questions about Wireless LAN

Lung-Yun Chen, Technical Specialist, Ext.-5839
1.How do I login to WiFi networks?
A: The account will be the user ID part before “@mail.cgu.edu.tw” of your E-mail address and the password is the Single Sign-On password. Please refer to Single Sign-On guidelines.
2.How can a visitor sign in to WiFi networks?
(1)Search for WiFi networks [TANetRoaming].
(2)Open the browser for authentication.
(3)For inter-school roaming guests, please enter your school's full E-Mail account (xxx@xxx.xxx.edu.tw) and password.
(4)For other visitors, you can use iTaiwan account to access the TANetRoaming network, such as 0936xxxxxx @ itw. If you do not have an iTaiwan account, you can apply for one in this website https://itaiwan.gov.tw/.
3.Inside the school, where can I access the WiFi network?
A: Please refer to the coverage area of WiFi networks at Chang Gung University.